About the company/ artist


I am Julianne Sota, the founder of Sunshine beasts and Julianne Sota Illustration. In the past couple of months I have just registered my company so just getting things up and going!

I work as a freelance illustrator, sculptor, and craftswoman. Sometimes I make things which combine all three, but for now I will just be selling prints of my illustrations on here. 

I really like to use a very wide range of media in my illustrations. Some of my favourite things to make a mess with are watercolours, rapidiograph pens, tea, paint pens, ink, mixing my own paints from found pigments, coloured pencils, crayons.... to be honest just about anything which will make a mark mentally and physically. 

You can also buy some of my watercoloured mono prints at Little Carousel Gallery which is about to debut in early November, if you wish to purchase any, please contact hello@littlecarouselgallery.com

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email via the "contact" page.

Also please check out my website/ blog, and don't forget to  "like" my facebook page!

Cheers, Julianne!